Beginning Thursday 07/09/2018 we will begin rolling out Smartermail 16 to our windows based email services.  Those of you who have used webmail on our Windows-based Email servers will be familiar with the Smartermail interface.  The new version of Smartermail has a completely redesigned modern user-interface, which may come as a little shock when you first log in after the upgrades.  However, there are some new features which we think you'll like which are one reason for the update.  Some details of these are below.  IF you ahev any questions on this, please contact technical support on, or raise a support request via your client area.

Redesigned for the Future

SmarterMail has a completely redesigned web interface for both system administrators and webmail users! The new web interface utilizes a number of the latest web technologies as well as the new and powerful API-driven architecture within SmarterMail. With this update, SmarterTools focused on making the web interface:

  • Work across mobile devices and tablets with all the capabilities of the desktop version
  • Faster than any previous version
  • Compatible with all the latest browsers and technologies
  • Have a clean appearance and powerful performance
  • Built to be flexible enough for future development
  • Simpler to use
  • And so much more!

Enhanced Group Chat

Group chat has been a part of SmarterMail for many, many years. With SmarterMail 16.x, Smartertools re-wrote the chat server to bring new features and more functionality. Image and video link previews. Just upload an image or paste a link to a video and see what you’re clicking on before you click on it or download.

  • Shareable links. Share a link to an external site, or even a meeting workspace, and it’s fully clickable for anyone you share it with.
  • Use of third-party chat clients. If you’re used to using Pidgin or Adium on your desktop, or IM+ or Xabber on your mobile device, go right ahead! Unlike other services, SmarterMail’s group chat is fully compatible with most chat clients.
  • File sharing. Simply drag a file into a chat and it’s automatically saved to your file storage and made publicly available.
  • Flexibility, so adding in things like our own voice and video, which is very much in demand, is easier to manage and develop.

Desktop Notifications From Your Browser

SmarterMail 16.x introduces browser-based notifications!

Now, regardless of the browser you’re using, you’ll get a little pop-up at the bottom of your display when you get a new message, receive a calendar reminder or even get a new chat. Simply click the browser notification and you’ll open your new message, go to a live chat, go to a meeting workspace or open your calendar event. In the future, we're looking at introducing browser extensions that will allow you to access your inbox, live chat or other areas of SmarterMail without having SmarterMail open at all!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

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