Migrating Email

This is done once the domain has been repointed and mail is being received into the new accounts and will only migrate mail content

If you have a hosting plan which uses Smartermail (Windows hosting plan) you can use the Smartermail migration tool to pull over content from another account/provider.

To use the migration tool:
1. Log into Smartermail as the user you are Importing the mail to.
2. Click the Settings icon (cog symbol on left).
3. Expand the 'My Settings' and 'Advanced Settings' folders in the navigation pane.
3. Click Mailbox Migration.
4. The mailbox migration tool will open in a new window. Follow the on-screen instructions to import email and collaboration data from a third-party mail server to your Smartermail mailbox.

If you have a plesk Linux plan, you can use the Mail Import tool. To use this tool, you will need to login to plesk:

1. Login to your account at https://billing.hostinguk.net/
2. Click on 'Services' > 'My services'
3. Click on your Linux plan
4. Click 'Login to Plesk Server'

A new tab should now have opened and logged you into the server. Under the 'Websites & Domains' tab, you should have a list of your sites on the plan.

Under the domain your importing to, you should see an option for 'Mail Importing'. Click this and then click 'Import Messages' which should ask you for the following:
+ The Email you are migrating FROM.
+ The Password for the email you are migrating FROM.
+ The Source server.
+ The mailbox you are importing TO [Here you can create a new mailbox or select and existing one].

For any further questions, please contact support.

We can also assist with this, however we will need to know:
+ The IMAP server for the current provider.
+ The Username for the account we are migrating from.
+ The Password for the account we are migrating from.


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