My domain is listed as "Redemption Grace Period", What does this mean?

Starting Jan. 26, 2003 a new status was introduced for expired domains: Redemption Grace Period

What does this mean?
A domain can be deleted for 2 reasons:
- explicit request from the customer
- domain is not renewed
A domain will not be deleted immediately from the database of the registry any longer. Instead, for 30 days following the deletion, the domain can NOT be registered again, but the registrar responsible for the domain has the option to "reanimate" the domain again for the registrant. This option should help those registrants which did fail to renew the domain before beeing deleted or by failure deleted a domain.
Unfortunately, using this option is quite expensive because a lot of manual work has to be done. The cost for such a "reanimation" is GBP 250.00.

If you want to start such a procedure, please contact us without delay.

After 30 days in RGP, the status of the domain will change to "pending delete" for 5 days. During these 5 days Hosting it is no longer possible to invoke the "reanimation process". During the 6th day after the deletion the domain is free to be registered again through regular procedures. For rejecting domaingrabbers the exact time for a new registration is not foreseeable. 

Before a domain expires Hosting UK send renewal notices to the domain contact we have listed and the address (where is the domain up for renewal).

We send these at the interval of 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks and 1 week prior to expiry.

Following this period and prior to a domain reaching the status of Redemption Grace Period or Pending Deletion, you may further receive notification from the top level registrars we use urging you to renew the domain.


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