Unable to see .htaccess file via File Manager in cPanel

Suppose you have a Magento installation, and you want to change the memory_limit or a different PHP setting through the .haccess file of your installation. In case you’re not quite familiar with working via SSH, the easier option would be to edit the file using the File Manager feature in your cPanel.

Any files that start with a .(dot) is a hidden file in a Linux environment, so you won’t be seeing this file straight away in your file manager feature, which is normal. The file manager feature has an option which enables you to show hidden files, which is something you should go for, in such cases.

You just have to click on the ‘Settings’ button at the top right, and choose to ‘Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) – which would enable this option, as shown in the following image.


Once this is done, the file will start showing up in the file manager panel.


The same applies for any hidden (dot) files, like the “.maintenance.flag” file which you need to place under the var/ directory of your Magento 2 installation to set it in maintenance mode.


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