Critical Security updates Windows Servers (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Following the release of critical security patches from Microsoft, we will be pushing updates to all servers running Microsoft software immediately.  These updates require reboots so, unfortunately, there will be short periods of downtime required.  

    Services affected by this include Web servers, Hosted Exchange, Microsoft SQL servers, Email Servers.

    We apologise for any difficulties caused by this, but the severity of the updates require immediate action to ensure the security of the servers.

  • Date - 15/08/2018 09:37
  • Last Updated - 15/08/2018 10:00
Scheduled works - Interruption to Service (Scheduled)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - OnApp Cloud
  • Period of works:
    Thursday, 20th September 2018 2200hrs through to Friday, 21st September 2018 0300hrs (time in BST).
    Advisory posted:
    Monday 13th August 2018

    Nature of advisory:
          Hard down and interruption to service over nighttime hours.

    Platform affected:
           - High-Speed Cloud Servers
           - Custom SSD Cloud Servers
           - Managed Cloud Servers
           - Virtual Machines
           - Virtual Private Servers.
    Reason for works:
    In the interests of delivering the most effective, feature rich, and stable platform we can - updates will be taking place on our virtual machine platform.
    These updates will resolve a number of issues and introduce a great deal of back-end functionality available in the current release.
    Due to the nature of the platform, we will need to take down all services for the period of these works. Once the works are completed, we will bring the services back up one by one. 
    We do not expect the works to take more than five hours.
    Steps taken to mitigate risk:
    The vendor will be working alongside our engineers in the update of this platform. Virtual machine data and configuration will remain unchanged during the process. There will, however, be a necessity to take the control panel, compute and storage nodes offline. As such these services and your virtual machine will be unavailable for the duration of the works 2200hrs to 0300hrs BST.
    To ensure that service is restored to your VM please ensure that any updates are applied before this event so that delays are not caused in the close down or the startup of your instance.
    Should you have any questions regarding these works - do not hesitate to contact us at

  • Date - 20/09/2018 22:00 - 21/09/2018 03:00
  • Last Updated - 15/08/2018 09:50
Scheduled works - Loss of protection (Scheduled)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Server - No Server Assigned
  • Period of works:
    Tuesday 18th September 2018 0900-1730hrs BST 
    Advisory posted:
    Monday 13th August 2018

    Nature of advisory:
           Loss of protection.

    Platform affected:
           All servers and services based on Saint Asaph DC08 site.
    Reason for works:
    In the interest of maintaining a credible and resilient power feed on the Hosting UK / DC8 site, we will be replacing components within our Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) in line with the vendors advised programme. This preventative maintenance will involve the replacement of the following components:
      - AC capacitor renewals;
      - DC capacitor renewals;
      - Battery replacements.
    This hardware supports the site-wide electrical load between any failure of the utility power and the subsequent introduction of our on-site standby power.
    Due to the nature of the works - this platform will need to be offline for the duration.
    Steps taken to mitigate risk:
    For the period of these works, power will be provided from the standby generators. This will not involve an interruption to service.
    Once the UPS is back online, and we are back with utility power, we will consider this window closed, and update this status accordingly.
    Should you have any questions regarding these works - do not hesitate to contact us at

  • Date - 18/09/2018 09:00 - 18/09/2018 17:30
  • Last Updated - 13/08/2018 17:13