Scheduled Maintenance affecting Legacy Redsta (Programmato)
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  • Colpendo Altro - Network Upgrade
  • As part of our commitment to quality and continual improvement, we will be carrying out maintenance on our zone routers within our Gosport (DC9) datacentre to upgrade the software running on the chassis. This work is required to ensure continued reliability and stability on the platform.


    The following services are in the affected network zone:



    What will happen?


    DC9 zone routers 5 - 6 will undergo an IOS software upgrade. The DC9 zone routers consist of an active and standby chassis. Our engineering team will move traffic to the standby chassis whilst the active chassis upgrade is carried out. Once the active chassis has been successfully upgraded, traffic will be moved over to allow the standby chassis to be upgraded. Traffic will be routed evenly across both devices after the upgrade.


    When will the work be carried out?


    The maintenance work will begin at 23:00 (BST) on Thursday 26th July 2018 and is expected to last for 3 hours until 02:00 (BST) Friday 27th July 2018.


    Who will be completing the work?


    All of the work will be completed by our experienced iomart network and infrastructure team.


    Will I experience downtime?


    As with any upgrade or maintenance work the risk profile of the platform is increased. This maintenance window has been classified as AT-RISK. We are not expecting any impact to service but there could be periods of higher than usual latency whist the upgrade is carried out.

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