Web Forwarding (General Control Panel)

If you have a domain name with now hosting services, you can use our free web forwarding services to redirect your domain to a URL.

To configure this, login to your control panel at  https://billing.hostinguk.net/

1. Once logged in, go to 'Domains' > 'My Domains'.
2. Click on the domain you wish to configure forwarding for.
3. On the left under the 'Manage' window click on 'Web Forwarding'.
4. Choose your forwarding Type:
None - Disables any redirect
Frames Based Forwarding - Keeps your domain in the address bar and loads the destination address in a frame (some sites may not load properly through this).
Frames Based Forwarding (preserve page request) - Same as above but shows the pages (e.g. domain.com/test.aspx).
URL Forwarding - Performs a full 301 redirect which changes the address bar (best for search engines)
List the domain as being for sale - As it says on the tin.

5. Type in the URL you need to redirect to. The http:// is auto filled so you are unable to forward to https sites.
6. You may wish to enter a description or some keywords, however these no longer take effect on forwarding services.

The forwarding servers IP:

You will need to update your DNS records to point to this server. The default DNS zone will contain the correct records for forwarding.

You can Manage/Create your DNS Zone through the 'DNS Management' section under the 'Manage' window for your domain.
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