Smartermail - Add an image to your Signature

Adding an Image to your signature is unfortunately not as simple as a Drag and Drop in Smartermail. A link need to be added to the Signature to source that image when sending the email. The good news all this can be done in smartermail.

1. Login to your Account online through the Smartermail interface.

2. click on the File Storage logo in Smartermail:

3. Click the Upload button and upload the image you want to have in your signature. You should then see this appear in the File Storage page:

4. Click on the Image to bring up the file options.

5. Tick the option for Enable Public Access which should give you a Public link which you should copy and place somewhere (i.e notepad) for now and click Save to save your image settings.

6. You can edit your signature under Settings > Signatures where you can create a New Signature or edit and existing one in the list

7. On the Signature, click the + Icon to show more options


8. You then need to Click the Code View and add in the html code:
<img src="YOUR_URL_From_Earlier" />
My Example:
<img src="" />


8. Click Save and choose your Signature from the Mapped Field on the Left:

9. Click Save at the top of the page to save your signature settings:

10. Any emails you now send should now display with your company logo



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