Our policy on bulk e-mail

  •   21/10/2018 16:07

Hosting UK have a zero tolerance policy to spam.  Our terms and conditions are clear on this - please read https://hostinguk.net/terms  and our Acceptable Usage Policy at https://hostinguk.net/aup

Even if spam is sent from outside our network advertising a site hosted on our network this constitutes "spamvertising" and willnot be tolerated.


If we allow your site to be hosted when it has been advertised by your spam it places our network at risk and in turn our other customers.  Other ISPs may choose to blacklist our mail servers, or worse, stop routing traffic to and from our network.  Obviously we will not tolerate this and will not expose ourselves or our customers to this risk.

How do you ensure that your mail list is sound?

We strongly recommend that you adopt the following policy when collecting mail addreses from your web site for bulk mail.

Legitimate Bulk Email 
Closed-Loop Opt-In Also known as "Confirmed Opt-in" or "Verified Opt-in". The Recipient has verifiably confirmed permission for the address to be included on the specific mailing list, by confirming (responding to) the list subscription request verification. This is the standard practice for all Internet mailing lists, it ensures users are properly subscribed from a working address and with the address owner's consent.

In case of dispute
The Bulk Email Sender is fully and legally protected because the reply to the Subscription Confirmation Request received back from the recipient proves that the recipient did in fact opt-in and grant verifiable consent for the mailings.

This is for both yours and our protection.  Should we receive further reports of spam we may have to remove your account, which is obviously something we would not wish to do.

If you need further guidance on this our technical support team will be more than happy to advise you.



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