How do I migrate my site between platforms?

In order to provide our customers with a range of services over the years we find ourselves operating with a number of hosting platforms.

From time to time a customer on one platform might want to migrate to a new hosting plan on a different platform.  In order to migrate to the new platform you need to follow these steps.

1. Select the new hosting package from our website at

If you need assistance, please call our sales team on 01745 586070 who will be happy to assist.

2. Purchase the required package and complete the details needed to create your brand new control panel.

3. Initiate a migration of your website data. If you need assistance we will be happy to help.

4. Test the new site using the features offered with your new control panel.

5. Contact us to arrange DNS transfer to the new platform.

6. We willl provide any details you need to cancel the old service and any monies owed will be credited to your new hosting plan.


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