How to add folders to your subscription list in Mac Mail

The following article explains how to find and configure IMAP folders within Mac Mail. 

1) Open your Mac Mail client.

2) In the top left corner, click on MAIL in the menu bar, then select PREFERENCES.

3) Next, click on the Advanced tab and click on the checkbox that reads Include when automatically checking for new messages

4) Close the Accounts window, then under the MAILBOXES column on the lefthand side Control-click (or right-click) onto the INBOX icon.

5) Click on GET ACCOUNT INFO. You will see an ACCOUNT INFO window pop up, click on SUBSCRIPTION LIST. You will see the list of folders that are subscribed or not subscribed for synchronization with your IMAP account. You can select the folder and SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE with the buttons at the bottom left of the sceen.

6) Close the ACCOUNT INFO window, then click on MAILBOX in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

7) Click on Take All Accounts Offline. Wait for it to go off-line, then click on Take All Accounts Online to complete the changes.


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