Outlook keeps asking for password (Mac Mail / Exchange)

This Article is for people Running MacMail where your email client is consistently prompting you to re-enter the password for your Exchange account.

If you have the account listed as a POP account then these instructions should NOT be followed.

This can happen when outlook begins to use the Wrong Credentials stored in your KeyChain. 

1. Remove the Exchange account from Outlook.
[Since this is an exchange account, this will resync everything once it has been re-added].

2. Close down / quit Outlook.
3. On your Mac, use the Search Feature to find Keychain.
4. In Keychain find and delete the Exchange entries.
5. Launch Outlook and Re-add the account (only your email address and password should be required).
6. Allow outlook to save your credentials again and allow it to re-sync your mailbox.



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