Authorization token is not available

When issuing a Let's Encrypt certificate you may encounter an error similar to:
The authorization token is not available at http://mydomain.tld/.well-known/acme-challenge/GcevWsEvhuPPuZFer1VF48RcPLb_yB8q2368BbXA0zuY.

This is because Let's Encrypt can't access the verification file using the URL. Here are a couple of Checklists you can go through to help resolve this:

1. Does the domain point to us?
Yes, in order to issue a let's encrypt certificate the domain will need to point to our server. If the domain doesn't point to our server, you will either need to wait until the domain does or purchase an SSL where you can use Email or DNS based authentication.

2. Can you access the URL it gives you in the error?
The error will give you a URL it is trying to access. If you browse to this, it should give you a more details error as to why it can't access the file.

3. Are you using Umbraco?
If you are, Umbraco will try and redirect the content from the .well-known folder. To fix this you need to modify the web.config of your Umbraco website. Update your web.config from:


4. Are you running .net or an application?
Web.configs or redirects in them may cause issues accessing the file. You can get around this by disabling Inheritance in the web.config.
Add the link below the tag:

and the following just before the  tag:

If you are still having issues, please contact support.


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