How To: Importing your .PST backup file into Outlook

You can import a .PST backup file into your Outlook mailbox using this guide, please follow the below steps.


Step 1
Open your Outlook software, once it’s open, find and open the “File” menu. This will take you to the “Account Information” screen.



Step 2

In the “Account Information” menu, find the “Open and Export” menu on the left-hand options.


Step 3 
In order to start restoring a backup select “Import/Export”. This will open the next window, the Import/Export Wizard


Step 4
Highlight and select “Import from another Program or File” and click the next button to continue.


Step 5
Select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” from the options on the next screen and click on the next button.


Step 6
On the next screen, click the browse button and locate your backup file on your computer. 
You will then be given the option to replace any duplicated emails, allow duplicates to be created or not import duplicate emails. 
Please highlight the option that best corresponds to how you would like the backup imported into Outlook then clicks the next button.


Step 7
On this screen, you will be given the option to choose which mailbox you would like the backup imported to if you have multiple email addresses set up on your Outlook client. 
Select the correct email address from the drop-down menu at the bottom and when you are happy to finish importing the backup, click the “Finish” button to complete the process. 



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