Update Whois Information (General CP / billing.hostinguk.net)

To update your whois contact info on a domain name:
1. Login to your control panel at https://billing.hostinguk.net/
[If you do not remember the password, a password reset can be requested on the login page]
2. Go to the Domains tab and Select My Domains.
3. Click on the domain you wish to update.
4. Click on Contact Information on the left of the screen.
5. Here you can now update your contact details are required.

Additional Information:

Please note for .uk domains, the registrant Name is classed as a transfer and can only be done directly through Nominet [https://www.nominet.uk/]

For other domains (.net, com, etc.). Once a contact has been changed, email verification will be sent to the email address listed to verify the details are correct.

Once the new details have been verified whois contacts will be updated. Failure to verify the contacts within 14 days will result in domain suspension by ICANN.

Updating the whois contacts will also lock the domain for 60 days with the current registrar.


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